With Christopher Hill & Javier Solana.

April, 08 2019   |   Editorial office

With Christopher Hill & Javier Solana.

Under President Trump, US foreign policy has taken a substantial turn. Relations with China have grown tense. Rather than cultivating its most important international assets, Washington has turned its back not only on the European Union but on multilateral institutions that the US was instrumental in creating. Meanwhile, the arms race among major powers appears to be heating back up, and a new age of nuclear proliferation cannot be ruled out. Once Trump’s presidency is over, will international relations return to the path of greater cooperation, or have we reached a point of no return?

Dicussed on these issues, on March 6th 2019:

  • Christopher Hill, US ambassador to four countries (most recently to Iraq), Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian and Pacific Affairs and Head of the U.S. delegation to the Six-Party Talks on the North Korean nuclear issue (2005-2009), and currently Professor at the University of Denver.
  • Javier Solana, President of ESADEgeo, Former European Union High Representative for the Common Foreign and Security Policy (1999-2009), and Former Secretary General of NATO (1995-1999), will reflect on all of these issues in a new edition of ESADE Big Challenges.


Video summary: https://youtu.be/eq91m2hudEY

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