Book chapter: Saz Carranza, A., Salvador Iborra, S. & Albareda Sanz, A. (2018). The Power Dynamics of Mandated Network Administrative Organizations. In Coen, D. & Pegram, T. (Eds.), Global Governance II (pp. 449-462). London; New York: Routledge.

April, 08 2019   |   Editorial office


Published in association with UCL’s Institute of Global Governance, this new title in Routledge’s Critical Concepts in Political Science series is a four-volume collection of the very best scholarship. It is an essential successor to an earlier Routledge collection, Global Governance (4 vols.) (978-0-415-27661-0) (2003), edited by Timothy J. Sinclair. Research in and around global governance has experienced dramatic growth in recent years. Global Governance (2003) was the first comprehensive collection of the field’s canonical and cutting-edge research, and this new collection now takes full account of the many important developments that have taken place since its appearance. Global Governance II also includes coverage of areas outside the scope of the first collection. In particular, this new Routledge collection showcases, in the words of the editors, “the second generation of global-governance scholarship which transcends a functionalist regime frame to inquire into the political economy of global governance, and structural constraints exercised by material power, value, and norm conflict.” The editors have also gathered the essential scholarship on the most innovative modes of global governance (such as polycentricity, and networked and experimentalist governance). With a full index, together with a comprehensive introduction, newly written by the editors, which places the collected material in its historical and intellectual context, Global Governance II is an indispensable work of reference.

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