Webinar by Francisco Longo, Director of ESADEgov, organized by the CLAD.

July, 17 2020   |   Editorial office

The Latin-American Centre of Administration for Development, CLAD, is an international public body of an intergovernmental nature, the mission of which is to foster the analysis and exchange of experiences and knowledge concerning state reform and the modernization of public administration, by organizing specialized international meetings, publishing works, providing documentation and information services, conducting studies and research and carrying out technical cooperation activities between its member countries and from elsewhere.

Within the framework of its International Virtual Conferences 2020, the CLAD scheduled the webinar “Reflexiones sobre la administración pública post Covid-19”, by ESADEgov Director Francisco Longo, who, among many other contributions to this institution, helped to draft and presented, for the United Nations and the CLAD, the Ibero-American Charter for the Public Service, approved by the 2003 Ibero-American Summit and the General Assembly of the UN.



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