Research post by Lola Bardají & Mónica Reig.

July, 17 2020   |   Editorial office

In a globalized economy, the governments of advanced democracies need to respond to the demands of an increasingly developed, complex and interdependent society. These changes in the social and economic environment underscore the need for public agencies to maximize the synergies between the resources, capabilities and knowledge of the public sector, the private sector and society to meet collective needs.

In today’s dynamic societies, the state takes on a strategic position and assumes the role of guarantor of the regularity, continuity, neutrality and quality of services for citizens, performing a complex strategic function that interrelates regulation and competition between operators. The law must be adapted to this new reality in which the state is no longer the sole protagonist and be reshaped as a dynamic system of rules and mechanisms capable of interacting with their environment.


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Lola Bardají & Mónica Reig (2020), “Regulatory sandboxes: innovative public-private partnerships to advance technology,” Do Better, ESADE:

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