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April, 08 2019   |   Editorial office

ESADE-PwC Public Sector Observatory

Equality is one of the most important issues on today’s political agenda and increasingly demanded by society. It can be found in political discourse, social media and traditional media.  It is, without doubt, a matter which occupies a significant part of administrative and management tasks in the public realm.

In order to contribute to this debate and generate actionable knowledge, the ESADE-PwC Public Sector Observatory in collaboration with Red Elige organised this event on 29 November 2018. It brought together public sector professionals with the potential to create a catalogue of genuine good practices, as well as some recommendations on how to improve selection dynamics in public administrations, promote women to more important executive positions and increase their visibility in different areas of the administration and in public corporations.


Presentation and welcome

  • Isabel Linares, Director, ESADE-PwC Public Sector Observatory.
  • Román Gómez-Millán, Technical Secretary, Red Elige.


"The role of women in the public sector: opportunities for improvement"

  • Concepción Campos, Public Executive and President, Association of Women in the Public Sector.



  • Clara Alarcón, HR Director, EMASESA Sevilla.
  • Marta González, HR Director, EMULSA Gijón.
  • Cristina Morales, Deputy Director General for Information Society Content, Secretary of State for Digital Progress.
  • Moderated by: Ignacio García López, Senior Manager, PwC.



  • Juan Luis Manfredi, Academic Director, ESADE-PwC Public Sector Observatory.

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