At the McDonough School of Georgetown University and the School of Government of Victoria University.

April, 08 2019   |   Editorial office

Manel Peiró, Director of the Institute for Healthcare Management of ESADE and professor at ESADEgov, spended the period from May to July 2018 as visiting professor at the Department of Management of the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University, United States. He was working on aspects of leadership and implementation of Value-Based Health Care. The international week of the EMDOS (Executive Master in Management of Health Organizations) is held at the McDonough School of Business.


Tamyko Ysa, associate professor at ESADEgov, is spending the period from February to April 2019 as visiting professor at the School of Government of the Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand), headed by Professor Girol Karacaoglu.

Her aim is to carry out research into innovation in the public sector, submit a publishing proposal on the subject of strategic management in the public sector, participate in departmental seminars and discussions, and take part in the International Research Society in Public Management Conference, to be held this year in Wellington. It is worth remembering that New Zealand has always stood out due to the way in which it introduces different paradigm changes in its public sector at an early stage, and at present the strategy of its government is focused on trying to break down silos in order to look for solutions to complex problems by considering the system as a whole.


Angel Saz-Carranza, professor at ESADEgov is spending the period from March to July 2019 as visiting professor at the McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University. He teaches the "Global Strategy" course in the MBA program, where he focuses on the interaction between international business strategy and international and national politics. During his stay, he will do research at the Center for Business and Public Policy, focusing on business influence in international institutions.


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