Sahar Awan (2019), The Micro Foundations Of Public Employee Behavior. Co-supervised by Dr. Marc Esteve & Dr. Tamyko Ysa.

July, 24 2019   |   Editorial office


Public Service Motivation (PSM) is regarded as the primary motivational basis of public sector employee and has emerged as a pivotal construct in the study of public personnel. Over the years PSM has been held responsible in explaining a number of employee behaviors and attitudes. This thesis examines the impact of PSM on some of the attitudes and behaviors of public sector employees that are important for the organization. This thesis employs various empirical tools to examine a set of relationships said to be driven by PSM. The attitudes and behaviors linked with PSM that are examined here are prosocial behavior, organizational citizenship behavior, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, individual performance, turnover and burnout. We examine past empirical literature to reconcile disparate results and also present new empirical data to better understand the influence of PSM on these organizationally relevant variables.

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