Research post by Rafael Catalá and Óscar Cortés.

November, 09 2020   |   Editorial office

The scenario is exceptionally complex with enormous uncertainty and ever-increasing economic, environmental, geopolitical, social and technological risks.

Society is ageing, more demanding and more polarised than ever. Inequality is rising in lockstep with disparagement of institutions and loss of confidence in them. The terrain beneath our feet has shifted and digitalisation is the tsunami largely behind it all.

In the study Administration 2030: a transformative vision, published by the Public Sector Observatory, the PwC Foundation and EsadeGov shed light on the challenges in store for public administration over the next ten years.


Find full piece at:

Rafael Catalá and Óscar Cortés (2020): “20 measures for overhauling public administration in the coming decade”, Do Better, Esade:

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