According to the Eduniversal ranking 2019, which also gives top places to other benchmark schools in this field such as CBS, SDA Bocconi, Erasmus University, Sciences Po and LSE.

November, 12 2019   |   Editorial office

From the Center for Public Governance (ESADEgov) we are pleased to share with you that ESADE’s Executive Master in Public Administration (EMPA) has been recognized as the best in Europe in its field by the Eduniversal ranking 2019.

The positioning of the EMPA in the top places of this type of ranking constitutes an international recognition that affords value and prestige for its more than 1,000 alumni.

For this reason, we would like to thank everyone who makes such good news possible through their work or their trust.


When asked about the matter, the members of ESADEgov stated:

-We’re delighted to see ourselves in the ranking among such excellent colleagues, who we’ve worked alongside for years. Really, any of the top places are interchangeable.

-So you’d be willing to give up first place?

-No way! ;)


Find more information about the Executive Master in Public Administration (EMPA) here.


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