Post by Javier Solana, Angel Saz-Carranza & Enrique Rueda.

November, 09 2020   |   Editorial office

As we recover from the COVID crisis and gear up to face the threat of climate change, it is abundantly clear that the world is missing an effective dialogue and leadership platform. The whole international governance and coordination architecture requires an overhaul to ensure that the most global benefits possible are derived from the human capital and financial assets at the disposal of the international community. Most urgent is the creation of a leadership and dialogue platform that builds and improves on recent experience—based on lessons learned for better or worse.

In addition to the Global Leadership Group (GLG) proposed in this note, it is worth separately considering options for reform and improvement of two components of the global architecture—for which the GLG can provide a foundation and guidance. Firstly, the UN family and related organizations (such as the WHO and WTO) that are currently facing major and worrisome stakeholder challenges. And secondly, the Bretton Woods institutions, regional development banks, and relatively new financial institutions, such as the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.


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Javier Solana, Angel Saz-Carranza & Enrique Rueda (2020), From G20 to global leadership: a gap to be filled. Do Better, Esade:

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