The Committee, chaired by EsadeGov Professor Àngel Castiñeira, is made up of experts in the field of public ethics and integrity and representatives of various administrations, universities, organizations and social stakeholders of Catalonia.

November, 09 2020   |   Editorial office

The Committee presented a first draft of the Code in September 2017. Subsequently, the Committee requested a review of the document by other experts, civil service representatives, organizations and advisory councils on ethics. On the basis of their contributions, a second draft was prepared. This draft was opened up to a participatory process in May 2020. The Committee took the inputs into consideration and drafted the final version of the Code, which was approved unanimously.


A common ethical framework for public servants

The Catalan Public Service Code of Ethics constitutes a common ethical framework not only for everyone who works in the respective public administrations and sectors but also for those who work in private organizations and entities that deliver public services on behalf of the administrations, regardless of their position, condition or legal status of affiliation.

The main goal of the Code is to guide the conduct of public servants in terms of values, thus reinforcing the integrity of their conduct and so helping to improve the civil service, enhance the quality of democracy, and restore citizens’ trust in their institutions.

In this respect, the content of the Code underscores the values and principles that should guide the public service in Catalonia and aspires—as horizontally as possible—to establish this common ethical framework in all forms of public service, in such a way that it can be completed and continued by other codes of ethics in specific areas (health, education, security, etc.).

The Code is divided into four parts that deal with the issue of values from different perspectives: values inherent in the public service, values concerning the conduct of public servants, values concerning the relational dimensions of public servants, and values of organizations responsible for public services.

The Code will be presented to the Government and the Parliament.


Document “Codi Ètic del Servei Públic de Catalunya”

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