The Esade Center for Public Governance consists of a group of experts in government and public sector organisations. Created in 1993, the IGDP has served to consolidate the experience already accumulated by Esade since the 1980s when it began its initial endeavours in the public management field. Since then, more than 2,000 public leaders and managers have participated in the numerous activities organised, and the extensive research, books, conferences, scientific articles, case studies and other material published attest to ESADEgov members' academic activity.

September, 03 2018   |   Mònica Reig

From Esade, ESADEgov's mission centres on contributing to improve governance and develop responsible leadership in the public sector. We believe in the public realm and its immense possibilities for further development and improvement. For this reason, from a public management point of view, we provide the public sector with the values, knowledge and instruments to foment and improve how it functions as well as increase the results attained by its organisations.

ESADEgov's future vision is to become an internationally renowned academic reference in the public governance and management field. For this it has enacted the following lines of action:

  • Provide quality educational programmes for public leaders,
  • Create knowledge which is relevant for public leadership and public-private collaboration initiatives, and
  • Foment social debate on the issues of public governance and management.

We're at your disposal and invite you to get to know us better.

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Mònica Reig

ESADEgov Associate Director

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